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I am immensely pleased to introduce you at the Website of Rajshahi Govt. Model School and College (RMSC), one of the best abodes of teaching-learning institution located in the Northern region of Bangladesh and stood beside the mighty river Padma. It is adjacent to Bangladesh Betar and neighbor of Bangladesh Bank, Rajshahi. This institution was established in 2006 and has been governed by the Ministry of Education. A group of Civil Servants, the respectable members of its Board of Governance, is playing a pivotal role by disseminating their priceless advices and instructions. Since its inception Rajshahi Govt. Model School and College is able to uphold a sound academic and cultural atmosphere for the students across the country. Currently a good number of students studying here hails from sixteen Northern districts of Bangladesh together with greater Kusthia District and local students of Rajshahi. Moreover, the students from others districts across Bangladesh are pretty less than that of Northern districts. They are too studying here due to parental transfers and different businesses and settlement reasons. The institution sustains multi-cultural atmosphere. A milieu of diverse religions and backgrounds prevail among the students.

The institution offers a big computer lab having capacity for the accommodations of 56 computers. At present 40 computers are facilitated with broad band internet. I am happy to let you know the institution owns a gymnasium with modern tools and apparatus. In addition, the first and second floors of the building are on the process of introducing Wi-Fi Zone which will be utilized by the faculty members and the staffs only. The teachers are relentlessly working hard to prepare Lessons plans, involve students in activity and update their knowledge with homework, arrange class tests and take feedbacks too. Furthermore, the institution is rich with a library having a huge collection of books from different disciplines. Besides, the separate scientific laboratories are equipped with modern apparatus with the availability of chemicals and amenities.

The disciplinary committee and Vigilance Team are vigilant to ensure congenial atmosphere in the campus. ‘Girls’ Care Windows’ is disseminating helps to girls having sudden periodic crises. The institution has been declared No-Smoking Zone from day its academic start. I regularly arrange Guardian Meeting in order to let the guardians know their sons’ and daughters’ academic progress. I receive suggestions and advices from guardians and revise my plans to suit the academic purpose. The sports and cultural functions, as a part of extra-curricular activities, are arranged annually to help foster students’ hidden qualities other than routine study. Students’ primary attendance is counted and ensured through the deliverance of messages to parents and guardians by D. Alert system technology. More importantly, in order to implement vision of Digital Bangladesh declared The Honorable Prime Minister Sheik Hasina I together with my colleagues is working hard to introduce technology based learning and teaching system by using multi-media in the classroom for better understanding of the students. Since today’s generation is digitally native, they are fine tuned with technology. Analyzing the needs one multi-media projector has already been used for Secondary and Primary Students and I am going to facilitate five Multi-media classrooms for Higher Secondary students. I hope, gradually I will be able to set up multi-media projector in each and every class.

Since I have made available outstanding amenities and ensured excellent environment for teaching-learning activities, I am hopeful that Rajshahi Govt. Model School and College will be one of the proud members of the best institutions across the country in future.


Rajshahi Govt. Model School and College


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